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Employment Law Services

Contracts of Employment

Varying Employment Terms

Managing Redundancy 

Ensuring Fair Dismissal

Disciplinary Hearings

Grievance Procedures

Unfair Dismissal  

Constructive Dismissal 

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Sickness & Absence Issues

Zero Hours Contracts

Disciplinary Investigations




Personnel & People Services

HR Policy Guidance

Company Handbook

Recruitment Guidance

Employee Grievance Issues

Avoiding Discrimination

Restructure & Redundancy

Managing Disability Policies

Low Employee Retention

Data Protection Issues

Pay & Benefits

Health & Safety Policies

Employee Performance



Flexible Service Options

On Line Support 

Qualified Legal Advice

Small/Medium  Businesses

Personal Service

Local Support  

Fast Response

Affordable Realistic Fees

No Hidden Costs

Cost Effective Services

FREE 30 Mins Initial



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